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Tartan track cleaning - with pure water power

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Tartan track cleaning – to minimise damage and costs

Athletes are justified in expecting Tartan tracks at outdoor sport facilities to be in perfect condition at all times. Just as important is fulfilment of the traffic safety obligations for sport facilities when used by schools and youth organizations or for recreational purposes. Slippery, damaged Tartan tracks do not allow any real sporting events. On the contrary: They increase the accident hazard resulting, for example, from formation of algae and moss as well as oily surface contamination in combination with moisture. Moreover a well cared-for Tartan track is certainly an excellent advertisement for the sport facility and can have a positive influence for attracting sponsors and new members.

With this background, professional, systematic care of the outdoor sport facility and the Tartan track is essential for maintaining its proper function and value. Here neglect can lead to grave damage, which can only be rectified with high financial expenditures.

Possible damage to Tartan tracks and the consequences:

  • Premature wear to the Tartan track resulting from abrasion, caused by crystalline foreign objects such as sand.
  • Chemical reactions caused by environmental influences.
  • Liability of the facility operators in the event of accidents caused by slippery Tartan tracks (algae and moss formation, oily surface contamination in combination with moisture).
  • Limited usability of the Tartan track.

A minimum amount of care for your Tartan track prevents serious damage and preserves its value and function; a positive effect at the bottom line, which is also more economical in the long run.

Cleaning also ensures a longer service life for your Tartan track

With us your Tartan track cleaning is in the best of hands. This is our specialty and for this purpose we have developed our rotating jet, high pressure water cleaning process which gets along without any chemicals whatsoever and is 100% ecological. Quick, economic and reliable.

Regardless of whether sand, dark, oily surface contamination, deep-seated contamination, moss and algae formation or clogged pores on your Tartan track - the performance capabilities of our process are bound to convince you. As you will see: Your Tartan track will simply last longer.

As a special service provider with many years of experience our specially trained teams and special machines are perfect for efficient cleaning, care and repair of your Tartan track.

Tips for optimum care of your Tartan track

Check your Tartan track regularly!

Visually checking the Tartan track at short time intervals allows soiling to be recognized and removed quickly without any major damage developing. When performing such work it is necessary for those responsible to know exactly what they are looking for.

We can tell you precisely the consequences you can anticipate for your Tartan track when sand or flower pollen remains on the track, when moss has developed or fissures are visible in the track.

By regularly checking your Tartan track and removing the coarsest contamination, you can take a major step toward maintaining the value of your track.

Basic Tartan track cleaning with sweeping equipment or leaf blowers

As a matter of principle, this type of Tartan track cleaning should be accomplished with a great deal of caution and selected cleaning equipment. Moss and weeds can be removed with mechanical sweeping devices. Important here, is that the devices are equipped with soft bristles. Hard, metallic bristles may cause damage to the Tartan track and are not suitable. Leaf blowers are very good for removing loose contamination on Tartan tracks.

Here it is also important to clean regularly, e.g. each time after mowing the lawn to ensure that no grass clippings are left lying on the Tartan track, particularly on the inner track, to prevent discolouration from tannic acids. But some contamination residues always remain stuck to the Tartan track surfacing and can be removed only by intensive cleaning with special machines. Here specialists are required.

Intensive cleaning of Tartan tracks with our special cleaning machine

Our special cleaning machines operate using the rotating jet, high pressure water process for complete, particularly sustainable cleaning without chemicals. The result is an extremely clean Tartan track, on which even the smallest particles of dirt have been removed. Many of our customers have this intensive cleaning performed once a year and have had good experience with this practice. The Tartan track lasts significantly longer, can be better utilized by athletes and is less susceptible to damage and wear.

The frequency of this cleaning depends on the location or position of the Tartan track and the surroundings. Our experts will be pleased to provide advice regarding practical cleaning intervals for your Tartan track.

Short term Tartan track repair

After intensive cleaning on Tartan tracks, damage and possible fissures in the surfacing are very easy to recognize. Minor fissures should be repaired quickly, to prevent major damage from developing and guarantee the safety and stability of the Tartan track. If it is necessary to repair large areas, professionals should perform the work.

Our specially trained team ensures professional repair of large areas as well as remarking the lines, if required. In some cases so-called re-topping is necessary, i.e. complete recoating of the existing surfacing. We will be pleased to check for you whether your Tartan track requires recoating and whether this is possible.

Further information on cleaning process, repair and line marking
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