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Roof gutter cleaning and effective roof drainage systems

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Have your roof gutters cleaned professionally and safely

Cleaning helps prevent damage

The importance of roof gutters for efficient roof drainage often becomes clear only after they are clogged with autumn leaves. The rain water’s path to the down spout is blocked, the roof gutter runs over and the water runs down along the building wall or the roof structure. This can result in moisture damage such as mould on the interior of the structure. High renovation costs are the consequence.

Your safety is our command

Roof gutter cleaning is a job for specialists – particularly on large structures. It requires a great deal of know-how and experience and use of special ladders as well as safety equipment to prevent falling, use of descent equipment and hydraulic lifting platforms. For us safety has the utmost priority. Our employees receive training on a regular basis to ensure they are always familiar with the current status of all applicable safety regulations.

Profit from our complete package of services

We offer all services for effective, reliable roof drainage from one company.

We perform professional cleaning for

  • roof gutters
  • and down spouts
  • as well as flat roofs.

Our services also include installation and maintenance of fall protection equipment as well as installation of leaf protection baskets and grates. In addition, our scope of services also includes router clearing on clogged rain drainage pipes as well as sealing leaky spots/holes in roof gutters.

Quality ensures satisfied customers

For over 50 years we have served communities, religious and social organisations, clinics, schools and universities, housing associations and commercial operations in the greater metropolitan areas of Bielefeld, Münster, Steinfurt and Osnabrück. Our long-term customer relationships are an expression of our aspiration for high quality, reliability and flexibility.

Over 500 satisfied customers speak for themselves.

We will be pleased to show you a list of our reference customers during a personal meeting.

That is our job

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