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Clean with Certainty.
Clean with Certainty.
Welcome to THEIS Special Cleaning!

We are your specialists and service providers for professional cleaning and maintenance of outdoor sport facilities and roof gutters. You can rely on our motto in every respect in both areas: “Clean with Certainty”.

Our competency from decades of experience is available to you in both areas. We have accompanied the success story of Tartan tracks from the very beginning and know how to keep them in their very best shape. Even more: Under the leadership of Karl-Ludwig Theis we developed the first rotating jet, high pressure water cleaning process in Germany. This process guarantees highly effective surface cleaning s well as deep cleaning for sport surfacings acc. to DIN standard 18035-6 and is unsurpassed to date in terms of efficiency.


We place the same high demands on our professional roof gutter cleaning with our complete range of special services. “Clean with Certainty” means: You receive first class service with continuously convincing results. This also means

we observe all required safety standards.


Our services are provided repeatedly every day by our well trained team, all masters of their craft. Here every move counts; here everyone can depend on the others and their common goal is: Your long term satisfaction.

Synthetic sport surfacings in
outdoor sport facilities:

High quality cleaning, care and restoration

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Roof gutters and
roof drainage systems:

Professional cleaning, maintenance and repair

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Systematic cleaning - for decades

Our goal was, and still is, to offer all our customers services providing added value in the area of cleaning, care and maintenance – guaranteed functionality and maintenance of the value of your real estate and sport facilities.

Founded in the 70s, in the meantime we have been the extra-regionally recognized experts for roof gutter cleaning for over 50 years – with satisfied customers, ranging from communities to religious and social organizations including commercial establishments.

Moreover for over 40 years we have provided community services in the area of cleaning and care of synthetic surfacings on sports fields. We are actually quite proud of the fact of having set new standards in 1979 with development of our rotating jet, high pressure water cleaning process.


You can be certain, that we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations. Just contact us

any time you need support with your cleaning or restoration project.


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